Transport and Infrastructures

Throughout the history of civilizations are lessons that can inform Infrastructure Intelligence Projects.
The past can help the present in navigating the most pressing challenges of our time in fields like Utilities. Smart Cities. Wastewater Utilities and More.

AI to the rescue for infrastructure

Patrick Marshall for GCN reports on robots that inspect underwater infrastructure, such as bridge foundations, and technologies that acoustically detect leaks in municipal water system flows.

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Historic Bridges: Management, Regulations, and Rehabilitation

National Preservation Institute provides an outline of studies on historic bridges, as they represent a significant inventory of America's engineering heritage. Learn bridge typology, history and impacts.

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SILKNOW: Silk Heritage in the Knowledge Society

Universitat de València leads a study on European silk routes, with the aim of promoting the conservation, dissemination and better understanding of European heritage from the 16th to 19th centuries..

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Artificial intelligence in America’s digital city: Insights into the Future

Adie Tomer, a Brookings Institution Fellow, introduces a report from "A Blueprint for the Future of AI," that analyzes the new challenges and potential policy solutions introduced by A.I. and other technologies.

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Water: from Ancient Roman Aqueducts to Hoboken’s Victorian-Era Sewer System

Valentina Prigiobbe of Stevens Institute engineers solutions to flooding, inspired by the ancient Roman aqueducts of her youth, with machine learning tools, computer modeling, and theoretical chemistry.

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Automating Railway Asset Detection using LiDAR and Deep Learning

Amin Tayyebi for GeoAI provides an overview of extracting railway assets from 3D point clouds derived from LiDAR using ArcGIS, the ArcGIS API for Python and deep learning model.

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