Beliefs and Observances

In 2019, Dubai launched the world’s first AI fatwa service.

Anthony Levandowski,founded his own AI-based religion called “Way of the Future.”

DarumaTO-2 and SanTO are theomorphic robots, while BlessU-2 is an anthropomorphic robot that can give blessings.

Applying Sentiment Analysis to the Bible

openbible.info visualizes the ups and downs of the Bible narrative, using sentiment analysis to quantify when positive and negative events are happening.

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Machine Learning, AI, and Bible Data Project List

Viz.Bible compiles a list of Bible projects using natural language processing, image recognition, or advanced data processing.

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The AI that could help predict religious violence

Matthew Field for The Telegraph reports on studies on “How do our personal beliefs align with how a group defines itself?"

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Artificial Intelligence and Religions

Chris Cotter and Beth Singler discuss their intersections, from slavery and pain to machines taking over religious functions and practices.

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A robot mouth is singing A.I. prayers in Paris

Luke Dormehl for Digital Trends introduces
The Prayer, a robotic installation chanting algorithmically generated Gregorian-style prayers.

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Robot priests can bless you, and even perform your funeral

Sigal Samuel for Future Perfect observes a new priest named Mindar as it is holding forth at Kodaiji, a 400-year-old Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

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