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The Digital Ludeme Project studies the evolution of ancient games.

IBM works with volunteers at Denmark’s annual Smukest to to enhance festival experience for attendees.

What if a game could alter strategy or tactics based on the skill level of the player?

A.I. Reconstructs Ancient Games

Isaac Schultz for Atlas Obscura dives into the Digital Ludeme Project, whose researchers are keen on “figuring out what the rules must have been, using A.I.”

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A Brief History of Word Games

Adrienne Raphel for the Paris Review observes
“If you’re a piece of artificial intelligence software, you might have a hard time solving a crossword.”

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Artificial Intelligence and Games

Authors Yannakakis, Georgios N., Togelius, Julian This is the first textbook dedicated to explaining how A.I. can be used in and for games.

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Authentic Interactive Reenactment of Cultural Heritage

A. Bogdanovych of University of Western Sydney presents the design of an immersive, intelligent, and interactive computational preservation—3I technology—based on tight fusion of 3D virtual worlds and A.I..

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Archaeoludology: ML is about to revolutionize the study of ancient games

MIT Technology Review surveys how new techniques of machine vision, A.I. and data mining provide an entirely new way to study ancient games and to build a better understanding of the way they have evolved.

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Enhancing the festival experience with Big Data and AI: Skanderborg Music Festival

Frank Oestergaard of IBM details process of data capture and analysis for insights that help reveal audience preferences, improve crowd safety, answer frequently asked questions and more.

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