Myths, Legends and Storytelling

IVOW has a mission to “bring the ancient art of storytelling into your smart home devices.”

Brutus, a storytelling machine, likes to spew tales of intrigue and betrayal.

Not the Only One presents a multigenerational memoir of a black American family.

A.I. is writing fairy tales now,
and humanity is doomed

Dana Schwartz for Entertainment reports on AI-inspired tales, citing works created “By inputting the data from existing Brothers Grimm stories and using predictive text technology . . .”

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Inside the Mind of BRUTUS,
a Storytelling Machine

Selmer Bringsjord and David A. Ferrucci test the limits — or potential — of Artificial Intelligence and Literary Creativity grounded in a complex architecture of thematic knowledge levels.

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Can A.I. Create Culturally Conscious Stories?  

Davar Ardalan, Kee Malesky, Robert Malesky, et. al. author a report meant as a preliminary step to engage policy makers, academics, industry, and the general public on the future of A.I., Culture, and Storytelling.

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Meet:​ ​IVOW's AI Storyteller

Sina can suggest recipes from around the world in real-time, while providing the cultural context behind each dish by combining the power of AI with ancient storytelling wisdom.

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Stephanie Dinkins creates a multigenerational memoir of a black American family told from the perspective of a custom deep learning artificial intelligence.

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Watchers of the Earth

Carrie Arnold for Aeon reveal how indigenous peoples around the world tell myths which contain warning signs for natural disasters. Scientists are now listening

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