Performance Arts

AI composed 100,000+ Irish and British folk tunes.

AI may be used to reveal secrets behind traditional folk music dating back thousands of years.

AI is boosting abilities to the point that it can not only figure out what particular genre of music is playing, but also how to appropriately dance to it.

Embracing the Future of Dance in 3D Social Virtual Reality

Sergei Polunin, world-renowned ballet dancer and his talents, are being virtually incorporated, for users to emulate, in the landmark Sensorium Galaxy.

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Body, Movement, Language: AI Sketches with Bill T. Jones

Bill T. Jones, iconic artist-choreographer, and Google Creative Lab embarked on a two-way residency in 2019, exploring the creative possibilities of AI.

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How volumetric video brings a new dimension to filmmaking

Diego Prilusky, choreographer, reshoots an iconic dance number from "Grease”, captured with volumetric video, the next chapter in moviemaking.

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Robot Sings and Composes Music. Album Released on Spotify

Technology.org provides the latest update on the marimba-playing, semantically-trained robot Shimon, of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology.

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Real Musicians Evaluate Music Made by Artificial Intelligence

Ben Dickson for Vice cites a group of researchers at Kingston University and Queen Mary University of London, exploring with AI that composes music.

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Meet AIVA: an AI composing soundtrack music.

Tibi Puiu of ZME Science introduces AIVA, the first non-human artist and 21st century biggest musical prodigy, whose music is now copyrighted.

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