Food Heritage

How might AI enhance The Ark of Taste, an international catalogue of endangered heritage foods which is maintained by the global Slow Food movement?

Machine learning can now help farmers choose crops ripe for harvesting.

Reducing human error for many industries, AI and ML can benefit restaurants, bars, and cafe businesses as well as food manufacturing.

Kitchen Disruption: Better Food Through A.I.

Ilker Koksal for Forbes reports on mapping flavors and aromas, opening up new possibilities for "personalized" foods and recipes that offer better flavor, nutrition, and sustainability.

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Chef Giuseppe Heralds a New Culinary Era

UNESCO projects how this master chef could change our eating habits. An algorithm created by The Not Company, he produces substitutes of popular animal-based foods, using only plant-based ingredients.

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The Lettuce-Harvesting and Cotton-Picking Bot

Author for Publication This vegetable picking robot, or call it as ‘vegebot’, was also trained using a machine-learning algorithm to recognise different types of lettuce in the lab.

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A.I. can generate pictures of a complete meal based on a recipe

Luke Dormehl for Digital Trends documents the 2-step process involved, beginning with a training data set of approximately 52,000 written recipes, along with images showing the completed foods.

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Thanks to A.I., Machines Get a Taste for the Right Kinds of Food

Kim Severson for the New York Times writes “Machines are being trained to consider food the way a cook might, with attention to variations in shape and seasonality and qualities like sweetness or texture.”

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A.I. for predictive food & beverage product development

Gastrograph has designed the first artificial intelligence platform to interpret and predict flavor preferences for over a billion unique consumer groups with the world's largest AI sensory data set.

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