How Andrew Tallon’s legacy of pioneering laser technology could save the future of Notre Dame Cathedral.

How Iconem and Cyark advance 3D Mapping for the preservation of endangered heritage sites.

How robots can complete Gaudi’s unfinished Basilica Sagrada in Barcelona.

Mapping Our Cultural Heritage
in 3D

Scott Lee of Cyark and his team are using 3D mapping technology to create a detailed digital archive of endangered world heritage sites.

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Historian uses lasers to unlock mysteries of Gothic cathedrals

Rachel Hartigan for NatGeo profiles art historian Andrew Tallon, who pioneered the use of lasers to probe medieval builders’ architectural masterpieces.

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'Heritage activists' preserve global landmarks ruined in war

Yves Ubelmann of Iconem heads a Paris company that creates 3D digital models of historic landmarks threatened by war, conflict, time and nature.

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How robots could save one of the world's most unusual cathedrals

Mark Foster Gage for CNN examines how computers could possibly calculate, in a reasonable amount of time, the structures, forms, and shapes needed to solve the remaining mysteries of the Sagrada Família.

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Ask Michelangelo anything:
an AI version

Jade Cheli for The Florentine reports on how Florence Cathedral develops a new way to learn about Renaissance art by successfully creating an AI version of the Renaissance artist.

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Recreating Historical Streetscapes

Raimondas Kiveris of Google Research introduces “rǝ” to become a compendium that allows history enthusiasts to virtually experience historical cities around the world.

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