Clothing and Textiles

In HongKong, “Wise Eye” - a unique AI-based textile inspection system - detects defects in the production process.

In India, Microsoft’s Ruuh AI paints Ikat.

In Hoopla and Foundry Systems are initial explorations into generative design for textiles.

How AI is reinventing traditional handicrafts like Ikat

Microsoft provides AI-generated aesthetic designs to enable weavers of Koyalaguden, Telangana, to produce contemporary patterns through traditional methods to appeal to new-age consumers.

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Artificial Muscle that Gets Stronger with Exercise

Dan Robitzski for The Byte reports on scientists have developed a new gel that they say gets stronger as it “exercises,” just like biological muscles. Imagine flexible robots getting tougher as they work.

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Translating Computer Algorithms into Tangible Fabrics

Claire Voon for Hyperallergic introduces the work of Phillip Stearns, who creates pillows, tapestries, and other cozy objects from computational processes. Every step is documented.

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Woven robot swarm weaves

David Griffits for fo.am narrates how a swarm of 8 robots and a may pole invaded the winter gardens, wove and un-wove braids to the sounds of livecoded beats and ancient Greek poetry.

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The Myths Behind Weaving and AI

Kate Christensen for Towards Data Science explores the impact of mechanization on many cultures where weaving and women are heavily intertwined in their mythology and folklore.

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AI in the Textile Industry

Raghav Bharadwaj for Emerj highlights current and future applications, examining companies and use cases individually to explore their business value, including AI Tolerancing for Fabric Color Matching.

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