G R E E T I N G S !

Welcome to an exploratory sketch for an interactive time-travel narrative through NYC’s early history.

Utilizing historical maps that form the basis of choice and exploration,
the story unfolds through places, periods, and events with a mission toward
unearthing hidden stories and gathering key heritage assets as encapsulations of each era.

The travels not only prompt questions over “the journeys of data” — their quantity and quality guiding the determination of a legacy's significance and the values we assign to this.
But the explorations also challenge the lenses and perspectives through which historical accounts from
one place and time are viewed in another, underscoring the limits of our understanding and
the need for integrity in our pursuit and stewardship of knowledge.

This project represents an ongoing work-in-progress developed on Twine, and hopes to engage and learn with one and all -- teachers and students, historians and urban explorers, data wranglers and wordsmiths, museum curators and creative technologists, game developers and AI/ML enthusiasts, and
travelers of all roads, experiences, and ages . . .

There is much to discover of New York City’s infinite worlds. One alone holds infinities . . .


A Few Travel Notes

Like most open-ended journeys, we travel at different paces and through different routes.

With this project introducing “data challenges” of investigation and problem-solving along the way,
some travelers may wish to tackle the “groundwork” — one step at a time — over the course of several days.
Others may simply be content in choosing to take a swift “aerial sweep of the land” once.

Whether you temporarily exit for a break by shutting your browser window,
or decide to start again from the beginning on your return,
Twine “saves” your travels to your browser's local storage,
and offers you two respective options when you revisit the project:

Load to AutoSave
(This launches the last steps visited)
— or —
(This begins the journey anew.)

Thank you for visiting and joining us during NYC Open Data Week 2021!

Travels through XYZ: Project Image

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